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Street foods, the wonderful smells of stalls while walking, the wonderful scent. Street food is everywhere. It is something built into every culture. It is the definition of your Nation by food. And what do I mean by that? When we go to another Country to visit. What is the food that you want to eat? Of course you will want to eat the local foods. You will find it on the internet and the internet will show you what kind of food is local to that Country but no matter how you find it in that Country it will never be as good as you want it unless it is street food. Because that is where all the locals go for good food. Funny enough, it just is. Street food truly is the soul of food of a country. It is special.

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Perceived Risks

Not everyone would think that street food is good because it could be dirty and without hygiene in mind even some of their government officials might be concerned with street food because it is not regulated. But these are not something that is too worrying as no matter what, they are indeed being regulated and most of the countries will have health inspections as well as certificates of cleanliness ratings. So yes, it is something that we need to consider but it is not something that’s needed to be feared to the point of not trying it out. 

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Cultural Empowerment 

This is something that we can see through street food in our own Countries and I’m sure of it. Street food is a welcome to all types of social class. Even those with wealth may at one point stop by to eat street foods. Yes, not every rich family or not every poor person eats street  food but there are all a mixture from all types of social classes and they will break this barrier and from the poor to the rich, they will all enjoy street foods. Additionally, It is a culture handed down. Street foods from even the olden days always have something in common and that is the recipes are all handed down from the ancestors and they are able to learn about their own culture as well as continue this tradition and let it prosper. As many of the Nations are changing as cultures are starting to get more mixed, street food is still the only line that holds firm that empowers and shows off our Country and Culture. This will also teach the younger generations that hey, this is where we come from. This is how things are done and it teaches them culturally as well as socially. 

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Employment and Business Opportunities

Street food undoubtedly is amazing but it also gives an opportunity for someone to work, be employed or even start their own street vendor. What we can is that street food stalls are able to help people out from going deeper into poverty and that is because street stalls are not all that expensive to start, with only a small sum of money and you can already start your own business and to slowly climb from there and it is only up from there if the business grows. This will greatly pull the people out from going deeper into poverty and as well street vendors will help other local businesses as well by buying from the local market and that as well will help others in their business and as a self sustaining Nation, it is always good to have positives like that. The most proud we can be of these street food vendors is that they are not considered as a formal industry, meaning they are an informal business but they are able to turn themselves into this self sustaining industry and can reach and do that without the need for assistance from the outside. It is a self sustaining bubble that can live by themselves.

Food Accessibility

Street vendors are to be thanked for, it is helping all sorts of families in different conditions to be able to eat and what I mean by that is seeing the poorest of families are still able to eat food because of street foods! As running their stalls and vendings does not cost a lot and hence the food being sold is also inexpensive, because of that then it is true that even the poor and struggling can have food on the table and this is helping the people to live through their struggles. Food as well as good food is still able for them and this will help poverty levels to decrease as well. It is also a good way to distribute food. Street vending can be anywhere as long as the stall is there, you can start selling. It does not need to be fixed in a position and that is helpful to be able to serve food everywhere they go in cheap fashion and a good food for all social class. This is truly a good way to distribute food. This is something truly to thank street vendors for their service. 

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What we have stated above are some of the facts and doings of street foods. It is true that street food is an important factor in our life. So there is really something special about street foods that we cannot deny and overlook not giving the respect that they deserve because if without street food, the poor may not be able to eat, cultures would be lost in the test of time. Many would be unknown on how their cultural food is made or how it tastes like. This is something that we need to respect street food for because if it is not for them and their service then, we too would be oblivious because we are always eating in restaurants and cafes that we have lost touch with what is truly from your own Nation. Street food truly is important and we need to know more about street foods. For more reads like this you can check out Teh Talk.

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