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As a content creator, it must be pretty exhausting to come up with new ideas on what to write or to produce especially if you’ve done it every single day. If you are in a digital marketing position or independent creator, it is pretty hard to create new content. Most digital marketing Malaysia agreed to this. Here are some ideas on how to keep writing or producing content.

Getting Your Inspirations

It is not easy to have creative ideas so in order to have inspiration, you need to be mindful about getting one. If you don’t know how to, below are some tips on how to get inspiration. 

Tips On How To Get Inspirations: 

Go out. Yes, by going out and travelling, you are open to more possibilities. You see more things and learn about new stuff. You wouldn’t have to travel far away to do this. For instance, you could go to the cafe near you. If you like eating and visiting coffee shops, that could be your main content writing. Firstly, visit that coffee with some friends so that you could order more. I mean, that is my suggestion.

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Then, take some pictures of the cafe and the food. Practically, it is better not to go during peak hours like a lunch break. There are trendy coffee shops like Kafe Kleptokrat and Taco Bell for you. 

If cafes are not your cup of tea, they could be anything. You could even review films and TV shows. It could be the newest movie in the cinema or even better if it is on Netflix or Iflix platform.

Writing or Producing Video Content 

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Here are the options for you; write or produce a video? It is basically up to you. If you like taking videos and editing, then making videos is better for you. But, writing and posting content is fine as well. If you opt for video content, you could post through TikTok or Instagram Reels. 

Writing Tips: 

Use 5W 1H which consists of What, Why, When, Where, and Who and H stands for How. 

Seems familiar with this? These are all very common questions, very basic in our dialogues where we communicate with other people. This is taught in school too. Formulas like this are the basis for writing anything. Essay, article and blog posts, you name it. If you have an interesting topic, you can write based on these 5 basic questions. So, now does it make sense? 

Posting Strategy- Post on More Than One Platforms

Then, post on more than one platform. If you are blogging right now, post or share your writing to Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat. Most matters are marketing your brand or posts.

Read, Read and Read More

The third point on how to write better is to read a lot. Read lots of magazines, newspapers, articles, blog posts and social media timelines. Make it a part of your hobby. To write content, you need to read a lot as it can also draw inspiration. The more you read, the more familiar you will be with the intonation of storytelling in explaining the contents of your writing.

If you prefer to write about simple tips, you can refer to reading material in the form of articles. Write them in bullet lists. Undoubtedly, this combination of reading and writing has proven to be effective. It will affect the way you write and improve your writing pattern through vocabulary and words. 


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As most people prefer, video is one of the powerful tools to be used right now. 

If you do not use video as content marketing material, it will be your loss. Video is very powerful, it has a profound effect on the audience. This is due to the video effect where it can affect the three main points of human beings, such as kinesthetic, auditory sense and visual sense. It seeps into the mind faster. 

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There is various video content that you can produce. There are also various techniques that you can use to produce videos. You have three options for making video content; firstly whether you record the video content yourself. Secondly, to hire someone to produce the video. You can hire someone that has experience and knowledge such as people with filmmaking certificates; cinematographer students and mass communication students. The third option is to collaborate with other brands or influencers.

Make Sure Your Content is Genuine, Original and Authentic 

These three words might look the same but they actually have different meanings. 

Everyone has a unique writing skill. It is your own ideas, vocabulary, how you type each sentence and what content you are thinking about. Simply, just write at your own pace. 

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Your avid reader can identify that you are the author of an article when you have your own writing style. Do not change that personal style of yours. Remember, how desperate you are, do not copy-paste from other people’s writing. Captivate them with your own writing style. Your writing style will come out when you write consistently. The writing style could be a formal, spontaneous, brutal, and diva form of writing. So, try to train yourself with different types of topic writing.


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This could not be forgotten. If you post a video on TikTok or another social media platform, you can put links to your old videos in the comment section. Then, link to other of your platforms in your bio. Make sure your viewers get comprehensive information about your business.

Include this: 

Include ways to contact you.

Include a link to your website.

Include a link to your other platforms.

Include a link to your old video.

All of the tips stated above are hoping to help you with the content that you are going to create. Producing high-quality yet genuine content is important in digital marketing.

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